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IC testing with Arduino Mega

Arduino TeamFebruary 5th, 2018

Arduino boards by themselves are, of course, great for making a wide array of projects. Sometimes, however, you’ll need to add other integrated circuits (ICs) for extra functionality. If you want to be absolutely sure that the IC you’re using in your project is working correctly, this tester by Akshay Baweja will input the signals to the device, and analyze the outputs that it produces on a 2.4” touchscreen.

While this type of equipment would normally be quite expensive, Baweja’s Arduino Mega-powered gadget can be built for around $25 in the form of a shield. His custom PCB includes a 20-pin ZIF socket and a 2.4″ TFT touchscreen with an integrated micro SD slot.

You can see it being demonstrated in the video below, and code can be found on GitHub if you’d like to create your own.


10 Responses to “IC testing with Arduino Mega”

  1. JWalton Says:

    how can i get the gerber file

  2. Silent96 Says:

    Nice post my friend. Just keep update

  3. jsweet13 Says:

    Was the LCD display a SPFD5408 from China? I am trying to get my display to work but having trouble with the adafruit_tftlcd and adafruit_gfx libraries. Have you made software for getting the display to work? Thanks

  4. KevinRoach Says:

    How about a parts list and diagram. Other people want to make this!

  5. ShapeShifter Says:

    Nice job! This is EXACTLY what I wanted to design/build as a teenager. But, alas, the technology to easily do so just wasn’t there 40 years ago… (and the microcomputers hat were just starting to come out then were WAY out of a kid’s price range.) The kids (and adults!) of today sure have a lot more opportunities now.

  6. TECHDUINO Says:

    that’s very impressive project. nice and keep it up.

  7. chaseltine Says:

    Very impressive!

  8. hassan_591 Says:

    Nice work bro

  9. SIVA02 Says:

    IC testing with Arduino Mega

    I Try this code get from code can be found on GitHub and verify for upload ardiuno Mega2560.
    But ther code show some error in verify stage.

    can anyone help for complete this project??

  10. ede7804 Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t get the same “SDLib::SDClass::beginn(int,int,int)”.
    database.txt is on the SD-Card!
    Is it because of the sketch??

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