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A four-factor lockbox

Arduino TeamDecember 20th, 2016

If you really don’t want someone messing with your valuables, a programmable box may be just what you need!

Locking mechanisms generally work using one method—a key, for example—to keep them secure, or perhaps two in certain circumstances. This box, designed as a final project for an electrical and computer engineering class at Cornell, instead makes the user go through four steps to get to the “treasures” inside.

Once the user has input the correct code, set potentiometers to the correct position, knocked on the box in the correct sequence, and finally scanned his or her fingerprint, a solenoid unlatches the box’s. It seems like a great project for an ECE class. On the other hand, the unit is wooden, so if you did forget the authentication procedure, it wouldn’t be too hard to manufacture a literal back door!

A cool idea nevertheless, and certainly something that could help protect your snacks or other items from a sneaky roommate. You can see more about this lockbox on the Cornell-hosted project page.


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