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Dad builds an Arduino Hot Wheels drag strip for son

Arduino TeamDecember 20th, 2016

If you want to eliminate arguments about which toy car is fastest, we’ve got just the project for you.

When one’s kid has a birthday, most people go to the store and buy a gift. Phil Tucker instead decided to build something unique for his two-year-old, an automated Hot Wheels drag strip with an electronic start gate and timer. Like many other gravity race setups, when released, the cars roll to the bottom of a slope.

Tucker’s design, however, releases the cars automatically using a servo and hinge at the press of a button. It then detects the winner using infrared LEDs and light dependent resistors, displaying the results on a miniature marquee. The entire system is controlled by an Arduino Uno.

You can find more on this DIY drag strip here, and see it in action below!