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Building a sweet plastic MIDI controller

Arduino TeamSeptember 26th, 2016

With parts from a bathroom organizer and arcade buttons, Alex “GlacialGeyser” made his own MIDI machine.

MIDI controllers can be great instruments to supplement your musical skills. As seen in the video below, Alex’s project is no exception, and he’s able to produce some really beautiful music using it and a keyboard. Physically, he created this out of plastic parts from a bathroom organizer and a cutting board that he cut using mostly handheld power tools. An Arduino Mega serves as the brains of the operation along with two 75mm 10k faders, two 10k knobs, pitch bend and modulation wheels, and a couple of LEDs.

The build is finished off with a splattered paint effect and nearly a whole can of clear coat. Programming the device was a challenge, but it seems Alex gained some useful knowledge for next time!

You can find more about GlacialGeyser’s MIDI controller on his Imgur writeup.


2 Responses to “Building a sweet plastic MIDI controller”

  1. tangram Says:

    Hey, and where is the skectch and the circuit?
    Hope, these things are comming.

  2. DIY MIDI Machine, Arduino Powered MIDI Controller (video) – Oncenerd Says:

    […] AB : […]

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