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Talk to the (animatronic) hand!

Arduino TeamAugust 22nd, 2016

Maker Shuang Peng has created a 13 DOF animatronic hand using an Arduino Mega, seven servo motors, and six air cylinders, along with a Leap Motion sensor for control.

As briefly described on his Instructables page:

There are various ways to control the hand. I’ve tried the Leap Motion sensor and the data glove, which catches my motion via Processing. Then the Processing communicate with the Mega via serial. Now, I’m trying to use EMOTIV Insight EEG sensor to control it.


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  1. Talk to the (animatronic) hand! Says:

    […] Arduino Team Maker Shuang Peng has created a 13 DOF animatronic hand using an Arduino Mega, seven servo motors, […]

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