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Meet DigiWare: Indonesia’s new Genuino reseller!

Arduino TeamJune 14th, 2016

First, Malaysia. Then, Thailand. Now, Indonesia is home to an official reseller of’s sister brand Genuino! Andi and Ardi of DigiWare are pictured below, also showing off the Certificate of Participation from the latest Arduino and Genuino Day organized in their location. Thumbs up to that!


– Tell us a bit more about DigiWare

DigiWare was established back in 2008 in Surabaya, Indonesia. We provide electronic components, embedded modules, and robotic parts. Besides our retail store, we also have an store and continue updating our product portfolio with the latest technology trends. One of the favorite products line is Arduino (Genuino), of course! We have been participating in Arduino Day activities since 2015, and finally became Arduino reseller in early 2016.

– What’s your company’s super power?

We have a solid technical support and training team, which makes us different from other stores. We even developed an Arduino community for vocational school called A-UDIK. Our mission is to hold Arduino training for the vocational school’s teachers and students throughout Indonesia.

– Do you have a favorite Arduino/Genuino project?

We would have to say one of the most interesting projects using Arduino/Genuino is the Vertical Hydroponic Farm (Robotic Urban Farm System) by Paul Langdon–which can be found here. It’s very useful for our environment and farmers.


DigiWare Store Website  – Facebook