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Arduino IDE 1.6.2 released and available for download

Federico FissoreMarch 28th, 2015

Arduino IDE 1.6.2

A new version of the Arduino IDE (1.6.2) is available at the download page!

The Arduino IDE 1.6.2 features new one click install of boards and libraries.

With 1.6.2, two new menu items are available: “Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries…” and “Tools > Board > Boards Manager…”

We have written two guides that explain how to use them. Discover how to use the Library Manager and how to install support for additional boards.

If you don’t find your preferred library in the list, let us know: open an issue on github and request us to add the library you love!

Having such tools allow us to better and easier deliver updates for both cores and libraries: just open Library Manager or Boards Manager to find an Update button on the updatable items.

IDE 1.6.2 also includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements, also thanks to our fantastic community of hackers and makers:

  • Ever suffered of a super slow Tools menu? Solved! Ports list gets refreshed in background, so you won’t need to wait any more.
  • We have dropped support for Mac OS X 10.6 or older: previous versions of the IDE will remain available for download at the previous releases page.
  • A new EEPROM library, thanks to @Chris–A
  • Pre and post build hooks, thanks to @Wackerbarth
  • Various bug fixes, thanks to @Timmmm, @vicatcu, @arve0 and @Xuth

As usual, the complete list of fixes and credits is available here.

Don’t forget to report any issue you find, either on Github or on the Arduino forum: your help is very much appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you are not a tech specialist: every feedback adds value.

Session of work on 1.6.3 will start on Monday: we are now enjoying  Arduino Day!

4 Responses to “Arduino IDE 1.6.2 released and available for download”

  1. ZackC Says:

    I was really excited when I saw that there is now a Board Manager, as adding a custom board to the mix has been dicey at best. However, I don’t see how I can create my custom board definition to be installed without still hacking the boards.txt file in C:\Users\….\hardware\avr\1.6.2\. Am I missing something?

  2. dunk8888 Says:

    Hey people,can someone tell me where i can find the location of the boards text file in the new IDE 1.6.2 i cant find them there only a folder tools there with mangler in,the arduino folder isnt there anymore,even when i download the boards via boards manager.are they hidden somehow?

  3. dunk8888 Says:

    Even the the toolchain has gone and avrdude files etc,the ide still works however but need to know where the boards have gone,they show up etc but they not where they used to be

  4. doppiozero Says:

    the boards.txt file is here


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