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Two steampunk espresso machines running on Arduino Mega

Zoe RomanoJuly 22nd, 2014
vidastech on

There’s a team of designers based in Korea who are passionate about coffee machines. Their name is Vidastech and recently shared with us two new hand-assembled machines prototyped  with Arduino Mega called Hexagon and Revolucion.


Take a look at the gallery for more pictures:



3 Responses to “Two steampunk espresso machines running on Arduino Mega”

  1. AskMP Says:

    Wow! Very impressive… does anybody have a link for instructions? This may be worth me putting my vending machine build on hold for but the only image above showing the parts is leaving a lot to the mind, and I haven’t had enough coffee to quite put together most of what would need to be done.

  2. gooss Says:

    Great combination Coffee and Arduino. I like the concept.

  3. RobertS Says:

    Will you share the code?
    I like the concept and could pimp a very old FAEMA with electric issues.

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