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A low-cost robotic hand (tutorial) mirroring your own fingers

Zoe RomanoJuly 17th, 2014


Marco Pucci shared on our Facebook Page a link to the tutorial he made for a low-cost Robotic Hand able to mirror the movement of our own hand. He created it  in the laboratory of new technology of Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (“Academy of fine arts of Brera”), a state-run public academy in Milan, Italy.


The hand works with flex sensors attached to the glove’s fingers, they are analysed by an Arduino which then moves servo motors connected to threads attached to the robotic hand.

You can follow the tutorial (in italian, but you can use google translate) on this page , download a zip with all the sketches, and watch a demo video below:



8 Responses to “A low-cost robotic hand (tutorial) mirroring your own fingers”

  1. moulivarma Says:

    I’ve done this in my way with Aurdino as my college project 3 years ago. But used potentiometers instead of flex sensors due to cost constrains. It worked like champ. Posted pictures of my work in comments of facebook post by Aurdino for this post. But this looks really beautiful. Thanks to Marco Pucci for reminding my college days 🙂

  2. xX_Kevin_Costner_Xx Says:

    Very nice vid! Used that on my last film project “Robin Hood 2”.
    Costner says gud!

  3. alizip Says:

    very good, thank

  4. Marko003 Says:

    Cool.I like it

  5. Qdomatorus Says:

    that is awesome, in your article is nothing about total price for this robotic hand

  6. denmann Says:

    cool! i am building a hand with flex sensors except with the wireless unit nrf24l01+ so it is wireless and i am using chain as fingers

  7. jdyadd Says:

    very well written article. Love to read it.

  8. Linlin Says:


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