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Arduino Plays Timberman or how to cheat in video games

Zoe RomanoJuly 25th, 2014


Playing addictive and repetitive video games is a pleasure for some people but not so engaging for others. Valentin Haun found the solution to reach high score without getting bored: he made an Arduino Uno playing Timberman for him.

You can find the code and the circuit example for this program on Github

Take a look at the older and slower version made for iPhone


7 Responses to “Arduino Plays Timberman or how to cheat in video games”

  1. nebulae Says:

    Haha 🙂 Nice!

  2. ahmad_amouri Says:

    you are awesome

  3. _ArS_ Says:

    jaja muy bueno!

  4. tonslzi123 Says:

    Did anybody else watch the full movie of Timberman? 🙂

  5. Wupadrasta_Santosh Says:

    Very nice… I appreciate ….

  6. kolar93 Says:

    neat~~&inspire me…I built one for playing “Don’t Tap The White Tile”,but got a problem.The wire connected to the relay and the relay itself have already produced static electricity.How to solve this? THX

  7. Luis144 Says:

    Hi, I´m tried, but I don´t understand the connection of relay JZC-11F.

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