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Your classic Arduino IDE experience, now in the Cloud

Arduino TeamJanuary 17th, 2024

Welcome to the next chapter in our ‘Better, with You’ journey! In recent blog posts, we’ve explored the refreshed look of Arduino Cloud and introduced the latest features of the renewed Arduino IoT Remote app. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil another game-changer, the new Arduino Cloud Editor, which brings the classic Arduino IDE experience to your browser.

The new Cloud Editor

Imagine that you can start your project without having to deal with any annoying setups or maintenance headaches. Imagine that you’re free to work from wherever you want. Well, that’s the vibe of our new Cloud Editor. We’ve made the whole development experience way smoother, so you can forget about the boring techy stuff and just focus on bringing your ideas to life. Let’s dive in!

A unified and more powerful editor

Traditionally, Arduino Cloud had two separate editors: an embedded simple one and the full editor. Users have long awaited a unified editor that gets the best of each one. The new Cloud Editor achieves just that, completely revamping its implementation and setting the stage for exciting new upcoming features.

Tip: To facilitate a smooth transition, the new Cloud Editor will coexist with the current one over the next two months. During this period, you can choose to opt-in for the new editor or keep the existing version. It’s your call! Scroll down to the “Try it now” section to find out how to activate the new Cloud Editor on your account.

Better library and example management

The new Cloud Editor provides a library manager that helps you explore and organize libraries as well as easily use their examples.

Screenshot of the revamped library manager in the new Arduino Cloud Editor

Improved serial monitor 

The serial monitor has been improved with the ability to download logs and the inclusion of timestamps per line. This is a long-time requested feature by users to improve debugging.

Screenshot of the improved serial monitor with timestamps in the new Arduino Cloud Editor

Support for any Arduino IDE-compatible device

The Arduino Cloud Editor supports any device compatible with the Arduino IDE, thus extending your Arduino development experience to your browser.

A single sketch repository

Whether you’re programming IoT sketches or traditional ones, the new Arduino Cloud provides a unified place to store and organize your sketches with a single editor for all of them.

Screenshot of the new Arduino Cloud sketchbook with the Sketches and IoT Sketches tabs

Keep your sketches organized

The sketchbook allows you to create folders so that you can keep your sketches organized in a more efficient way.

How to use the Cloud Editor

In the new Arduino Cloud, sketches are organized as “Sketches” and “IoT Sketches”, where “IoT Sketches” are the ones that have been created to connect the application with Arduino Cloud so that it can be monitored and controlled using the dashboards.

Your standalone sketch development starts from the “Sketch” section of your sketchbook. Just click on “CREATE SKETCH” or select the sketch you want to edit. 

IoT Sketches are automatically created when you create an Arduino Cloud Thing. Once they are created, you can access the sketch either from the Thing or the “IoT Sketch” section of your sketchbook.

Try it now

Click on “TRY NOW” as shown in the screenshot below to start using the new Cloud Editor. If you need a bit more time before moving to the new version, you can still use the existing version until March 31st by clicking on “MAYBE LATER.” You can also revert to the old editor by going to your editor preferences, which is accessible from the bottom left hand corner of the page.

You can now have the option to try the new Cloud Editor from the notification at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Please note that Chromebook support will not be available initially. Stay tuned for updates as we will announce Chromebook support as soon as it is ready.

The new editor is part of the new Arduino Cloud

If you’re just getting into the Arduino Cloud, don’t worry, we’ve got the lowdown for you right here. Arduino Cloud is the next exciting step in the Arduino journey for IoT enthusiasts. Here is a quick intro video that will give you a summary in 2 minutes.

Basically, if you’ve got an IoT project idea, you can easily turn it  into a real project using this all-in-one, easy Cloud platform. It helps you create applications that can be monitored and controlled from custom dashboards accessible from your browser or your mobile phone. It not only supports Arduino and ESP-based devices, but also any device programmed using Python, MicroPython, Javascript or Node-RED. Which is why the Arduino community is talking a lot about it at the moment! Forget about dealing with complicated stuff – the Arduino Cloud lets anyone, no matter their skill level, create stuff from wherever. 

Want a sneak peek? Here’s Karl giving you a tour of Arduino Cloud with the latest new UI.

Get started with the Arduino Cloud

Are you ready to dive in? Learn more about the new Cloud Editor through our detailed documentation. And to sweeten the deal, don’t forget to grab your first month free on the Maker plan with the code “MAKER2024” at checkout (Choose the Monthly Maker Plan, you can cancel anytime). But hurry, this offer is only valid until January 31st! ). Join us in unlocking the full potential of your creative projects!

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