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3D-printed mobile robot based on the Arduino Due

Arduino TeamJanuary 19th, 2021

Although an Arduino can be a great way to provide computing power for a mobile robot, you’ll need a variety of other electronics and mechanical components to get it going. In his write-up, computer science student Niels Post outlines how he constructed a robotic platform that travels via two stepper motors, along with casters to keep it upright. Its round chassis is 3D-printed and runs on three rechargeable 18650 batteries.

The robot is based on an Arduino Due, with stepper drivers and a custom PCB to take care of the wiring. It has no sensors or navigation aids onboard, but instead relies on an nRF24L01+ module to communicate with a Raspberry Pi that hosts the web interface for control and livestream viewing. This setup employs a webcam to sense and direct the robot through its environment using printed markers.

More details on Post’s project can be found in his Instructables tutorial.


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