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Add Arduino to your resume – the Arduino Certification Program is now available in Bengali

Arduino TeamJuly 29th, 2020

With thousands of users around the world entering the Arduino Certification Program, we are excited to announce the availability of the Arduino Certification Program: Arduino Fundamentals in Bengali, the seventh language now available.

Localized in partnership with our Education partner in Bangladesh – Code19, this first release of the ACP in Bengali opens up the opportunity for our huge Bengali speaking user base to become Arduino certified.

The Arduino Certification Program: Fundamentals is a structured way to enhance and validate your Arduino skills, and receive official recognition as you progress. Anyone interested in engaging with Arduino through a process that involves study, practice, and project building is encouraged to pursue this official certificate. 

The Fundamentals Certification offers the right balance of academic excellence and real-world skills to give participants the confidence and motivation they need to succeed both in educational and professional environments. Successful entrants receive an official certificate verifying their skills and knowledge on Arduino, which can be referred to in a resume for academic or professional purposes.

Based upon the Arduino Starter Kit, the official assessment covers three main subjects: theory and introduction to Arduino, electronics, and coding. During the exam, entrants are asked to answer 36 questions of varying difficulty and formats in 75 minutes. 

Questions will test knowledge on the following topics: 

  • Electricity 
  • Reading circuits and schematics 
  • Arduino IDE 
  • Arduino boards
  • Frequency and duty cycle
  • Electronic components
  • Programming syntax and semantics 
  • Programming logic

Want to learn more? You can find additional supporting information on how to take the program in Bengali via our partner Code19 here, or purchase the Arduino Certification Program: Fundamentals from our store.

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