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Please Leave A Message is an interactive plotter that spreads positivity

Arduino TeamMay 11th, 2020

As Niklas Roy puts it, “Currently, times are weird.” It’s hard to argue with his sentiment and in order to add a bit more positivity to the world, or at least the area near his Berlin workshop, he created an interactive pen plotter for his window. 

The idea is that while he didn’t know exactly what to say, Roy’s project — aptly named “Please Leave a Message” — allows passersby to create their own uplifting comments for other pedestrians to see over WiFi. 

The device repurposes the mechanical bits of an old but solidly built Aritma Colorgraf plotter, which is now controlled by an Arduino Mega and new driver hardware. People log into the installation’s simply web server through a separate ESP8266 module, which sends text to be printed to the Mega via a serial connection. There’s even an RTC that notes the precise time and date of when each message was written. 

More details can be found on Roy’s website!


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  1. freeco Says:

    Can you make a wifi module to turn in or out my pc. My motherboard ex-b250-v7 usb ports are olways on even if my pc is shutdown. For turning on pc is only 1 wire gnd. For wifi is enopgh with 5v so module would recive the signal and connect the gnd wire wire and pc would turn on. I don’t know about the ip addres, how it could conect. Maybe you could create that.

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