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This automated mask closes when others are near

Arduino TeamMay 11th, 2020

In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, many of us are wearing face masks when outside of our homes. While this can be effective, these coverings can be hot, inhibit breathing, and certainly make eating and drinking a bit difficult. What if they could instead be applied only when others are around?

Chen the DesignMaker decided to test this concept out with a servo-actuated mask, which features a hatch that actuates based on input from three PIR sensors and an Arduino Nano

When the sensors pick up movement, the mask closes; and when they aren’t activated for a period of time, it opens again. Notably, the device doesn’t have any sort of cloth or other sealing materials inside, making it very much a proof-of-concept, not an effective medical device.


4 Responses to “This automated mask closes when others are near”

  1. agentsimon Says:

    No..not a good idea at all. If you are asymptomatic then you spread the disease for people who aren’t in your immediate location but will be when you are not there. The virus lives on on surfaces for quite some time.

  2. Victorhlab Says:

    Definitely not a practical idea. The virus can stay in the air for a while when no one is around you. There is research and simulations done on this topic regarding covid 19

  3. JedsonBrito Says:

    It is good concept, but not so much practical to clean for instance.

  4. donutwine Says:

    Very cool. This is much better than the alternative of having people touching their mask repeatedly throughout the day. Great job.

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