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This pair of Arduino glasses stops you from touching your face

Arduino TeamMarch 10th, 2020

Touching your face is a subconscious behavior that we all do, and it is also an easy way to pick up illnesses like the coronavirus and flu. However, like many infectious diseases, proper hygiene can help reduce your risk. With this in mind, Nick Bild designed a simple solution in the form of a modified pair of glasses to provide a subtle reminder not to go near your eyes, mouth, and nose.

The project, which Bild calls Sentinel, consists of an ultrasonic sensor mounted on top of the bridge and an Arduino Nano along the temple. Whenever a hand (or object) is detected in close proximity to the face, a red warning LED lights up in the wearer’s peripheral vision.


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  1. centerpoo Says:

    I came just see how you guys are doing. Hope all is well as it can be. I was thinking about making a body temperature alarm.

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