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Arduino Pro IDE v0.0.4-alpha is here!

Arduino TeamJanuary 30th, 2020

Our dev team has some more exciting news to share: Arduino Pro IDE v0.0.4-alpha has been released.

Highlights include:

  • Automatic Arduino language server (LS) recovery. From now on, if the LS process terminates, it restarts automatically.
  • Updated the bundled Clang version to 9.0.0. Bundled Clangd into the application for all supported platforms.
  • Better keybinding support for the upload, verify, and the serial monitor.

You can download the latest version here.

3 Responses to “Arduino Pro IDE v0.0.4-alpha is here!”

  1. odendaaltje Says:

    is everything in this version 64 bit? I installed it, but I get the same error messages while trying to upload my sketch to the board as in the previous versions [1.8.10]:
    “bad CPU type in executable | Fout bij het compileren voor board Arduino/Genuino Uno” (error compiling for board arduino/genuino uno) on MAC os Catalina.

  2. PBahner Says:

    I cant include the in .cpp and .h files.

  3. PBahner Says:

    I cant include the “Arduino.h” in .cpp and .h files.

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