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Scale model Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 wagon handles like the real thing

Arduino TeamJanuary 8th, 2020

Model cars can be fun to use and look at, but when driving one it’s difficult to get the same sort of movement in the suspension as a full-sized vehicle. To enhance his 65cm long 8.5:1 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88, creator Dimitar Tilev turned to an active suspension system controlled by four micro servo motors.

When maneuvering the little beast, an Arduino board along with an MPU-6050 IMU allow it to raise and lower each wheel individually based on the forces it experiences, giving an amazing approximation of an actual car’s behavior. 

The build also features a sound effects system to simulate engine noises and exhaust pops, and an attention to detail in the styling that sets it apart as something really special. 

More info on the project can be found in Tilev’s blog post or see it in action in the videos below!