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Toddler busy board gets an RGB matrix upgrade

Arduino TeamDecember 12th, 2019

When Amir Avni made a busy board for his then-one-year-old daughter, he left a variety of buttons and switches unconnected. While these were still likely interesting at the time, now that she’s two, he’s added an Arduino Mega-controlled 32×64 LED panel to the rig, taking advantage of these formerly unused input devices.

The busy board images are changed using four potentiometers positioned above it, which select two icons that are each displayed on half the screen. It can also act as a drawing board when the first one is set to its maximum value.

Below that, more potentiometers and some switches are implemented for further image control, along with a power switch to cut things off when playtime is done.


4 Responses to “Toddler busy board gets an RGB matrix upgrade”

  1. wwwrokucomlink Says:

    This blog is amazing! Thanks for shearing.

  2. ekilleen Says:

    Looks wonderful and I’ve been looking for a project for one of those matrix displays. Any chance you want to share the code and schematics?

  3. vanhuan Says:

    good job

  4. vanhuan Says:

    good job. ……..

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