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You can make this 3D-printed, Arduino-powered IR thermometer yourself

Arduino TeamOctober 24th, 2019

If you want to measure the temperature of an object, one very convenient way is to use an infrared thermometer. MN Maker didn’t have one, and after wondering just how hot a component was getting, he decided to simply build one.

His device utilizes an Arduino Nano for control, and resides inside a 3D-printed enclosure that he designed. Temperature sensing is handled by an MLX90614 IR thermometer on a GY-906 breakout board, and a small laser is used for aiming. Once the temperature is obtained, it’s displayed on an OLED screen in the back of the housing in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

Arduino code and print files are available via the project’s write-up.


One Response to “You can make this 3D-printed, Arduino-powered IR thermometer yourself”

  1. cyber2024 Says:

    Hey, nice work!

    What is the field of view of your MLX90614 sensor? The datasheet says the lowest FOV option is 5 degrees, so without a lens you’re averaging the temp over a fairly large area at a metre distance.

    I have this same problem, hence I haven’t built a similar device yet.

    Did you install a lens or come up with a different solution?

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