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Arduino Pro IDE (alpha preview) with advanced features

mastrolinuxOctober 18th, 2019

Live from Maker Faire Rome on Saturday, October 19th at 16.00 CET, Massimo Banzi and Luca Cipriani will push the button to release the new Arduino Pro IDE (alpha) — watch this space.

The simplicity of the Arduino IDE has made it one of the most popular in the world — it’s easy enough for beginners and fast for advanced users. Millions of you have used it as your everyday tool to program projects and applications. We’ve listened to your feedback though, and it’s time for a new enhanced version with features to appeal to the more advanced developers amongst you — while retaining continuity with the simple, classic Arduino IDE that so many of you are familiar with.

We are very excited to announce the release of an alpha version of a completely new development environment for Arduino — the Arduino Pro IDE. 

The main features in this initial alpha release of the new Arduino Pro IDE are:

  • Modern, fully featured development environment 
  • Dual Mode, Classic Mode (identical to the Classic Arduino IDE) and Pro Mode (File System view)
  • New Board Manager 
  • New Library Manager
  • Board List
  • Basic Auto Completion (Arm targets only)
  • Git Integration
  • Serial Monitor
  • Dark Mode

But the new architecture opens the door to features that the Arduino community have been requesting like these that will be following on soon:

  • Sketch synchronisation with Arduino Create Editor
  • Debugger
  • Fully open to third party plug-ins 
  • Support for additional languages other than C++

The new Arduino Pro IDE is based on the latest technologies: 

Available in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux64 versions; we need your help in improving the product. Before releasing the source code to move out of the alpha, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Like all things in the Arduino community, we grow and develop together through your valued contributions. Please test the Arduino Pro IDE to it’s breaking point, we want to hear all the good and bad things you find. We’re open to recommendations for additional features, as well as hearing about any bugs you may find — there’s bound to be a few as it is an alpha version after all!

You can download the latest release of the Arduino Pro IDE here.

So give it a go and let us know of any feature requests or bugs.

For those of you who love and cherish the classic Arduino IDE, don’t worry it will continue to be available forever.

47 Responses to “Arduino Pro IDE (alpha preview) with advanced features”

  1. rpourzia Says:

    Atom is good but curious why not just use VS Code at this stage? Tough to beat the echo system of extensions and language support. Curious why intellisense is not mentioned in this article. Debugging is mentioned but hope to see serious JTAG and SWD support.
    I get an error when I try to download the alpha preview. So more feedback after I try.

  2. pkollitsch Says:

    Yesterday it said Friday 16 CET 😉 now it says Saturday 16 CET. That’s in 12 more hours. Hopefully, the Github link will work then too?

  3. cristianro Says:

    Not working , program is very primitive, y choose from boards Arduino uno and…nothing .Program is dead from his beginning.

  4. pkollitsch Says:

    @cristianro do you know what alpha means in a version? right? “not working”, “and…nothing” is not a bug report the developers can use. Don’t “try” alpha versions if you don’t know how to submit issues. Sorry, but that’s not productive. Also this whole “Program is dead from the beginning” thing… sure. you’re the expert.

  5. mastrolinux Says:

    Theia is more flexible in the UI compared to VSCode, in addition Theia is partially compatible with VSCode extensions.

  6. onebeartoe Says:

    This is exciting news!

  7. engineerdk Says:

    Looking forward to stable version.

  8. Aleksandr86 Says:

    I can not start your new Arduino Pro IDE under Linux management, give instructions on how to run it

  9. jagganath Says:

    your link above for FACEBOOK LIKE is for TWITTER. Please correct ASAP.

  10. ghita3001 Says:

    Arduino Pro IDE looks promising. I will try to test it as much as I can until it is released. After that, it will be my default IDE for Arduino. It is a well-deserved improvement to Arduino IDE.

  11. Massimo Banzi Says:

    @rpourzia we’re not using Atom. We’re using Theia and we engaged directly with Typefox (the developers of Theia) . Intellisense is a Microsoft trademark and we can’t use it (especially because we’re not using that technology specifically) apart from this. I would love people to stop having debates about the technology and focus on what something does and how it improves your life. 🙂

  12. TheRealdps Says:

    BRAVA! @Massimo Banzi!

  13. Ambient_Power Says:

    Does “pro” mean that this is going to be subscription or a paid version?

  14. JanHendrikStam Says:

    I would like a feature to open and view, possibly read-only, included files
    If the IDE cannot find it, provide a browse function to locate it.
    Otherwise it looks good.

  15. Master_81 Says:

    nice job. but when we can see a stable version of this?

  16. Master_81 Says:

    is this IDE an official software?

  17. imad2010j Says:

    It’s good, but we do not need IDE like VS CODE and we already have it (VScode , Atom ……), I’m an electronics engineer, we need a HARDWARE debugger not an interface for computer science.

    we need to see A BOARD with I / O declarations (INPUT / INPUT_PULLUP, OUTPUT), see the level of memory usage and what if we do new bootloader that enable hardware debuging (assembler to C ++ debuging) I know that the execution will be very slow but the debug will exist for the first time.

    a strong IDE for the Arduino requires a lot of connection between the HARDWARE and the SOFT.

  18. zahid6662 Says:

    thank you MASTROLINUX for sharing interesting features
    Arduino Pro IDE is simple and classic i love the features allows the use of web technologies on desktop environments.and Fully open to third party plug-ins and its Support for additional languages other than C++

  19. RobIII Says:

    Just out of curiosity: what made you want to (re)build an IDE and not use, for example, VS Code? “Standing on the shoulder of giants” springs to mind. Most of what an IDE should be/have is already in VS Code so you can focus on what really matters; Arduino specific stuff.

  20. theDiver Says:

    It’s great that the old (and pretty bad) ide is finally replace.

    Just a huge shame they did not choose, the a lot more popular and widely used Visual Studio Code.
    VSCode is way faster, the startup of the new Arduino IDE, is pretty slow compared to VSCode.

    But i’ll of course still give it a try, just feel it’s a bad choice.

    The people behind theia ide, should have joined forced with VSCode, instead of trying to copy it.

  21. GeertRoumen Says:

    Think this is a great leap forward, I think that even for beginners most of the features make sense; features such as auto-completion, search and giving context to functions is relevant for everyone, and perhaps especially valuable to beginners. It would be interesting to take a one-sentence layman’s way to describe what a function/constant means, with a link to the reference; this will make it awesome for beginners; while still decent enough for pro’s.

  22. stefanDraeger Says:


    the new IDE looks good but i can’t select a port.
    There is only the Text “NO PORTS DISCOVERED” displayed.

  23. finalvalue Says:

    windows only X86

  24. ramiro174 Says:

    the ports doesn`t select
    There is only the Text “NO PORTS DISCOVERED” displayed.
    in MAC OS Catalina

  25. CaioMSP Says:

    same ramiro174

    the ports doesn`t select
    There is only the Text “NO PORTS DISCOVERED” displayed.
    in MAC OS Catalina

  26. setesh Says:

    For me it still need posibility to open next serial monitor with new port.
    I have 2 arduino nano on ports USB0 and USB1.
    It would be nice if I can check if second nano got message without checking his diode or his answer.

  27. setesh Says:

    Another example. Next week I will be programming 11 devices ‘wemos D1 mini’ and being able to display a serial monitor for each of them would be a huge plus.
    Unfortunately, now I have to check everything by forwarding all messages over the WiFi to the device currently connected to the serial monitor (In order to check if all devices received the message)
    I would prefer to display messages instead of returning them via wifi.

  28. gabegundy Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks! Arduino is a ton of fun and opens up hardware to my kids. Keep up the great work!

  29. 740521 Says:

    Nice job! It seems very nice, but there are still a few bugs. I think after about a year it will be a great IDE!

  30. adafruit Says:

    massimo and team, congrats on the release. for the new pro IDE alpha, is there (or what is) the process to add 3rd party boards? we can try that out to test it. if it’s not going to be supported that is fine, we just want to know what to suggest to people and what to expect. same for CREATE.

  31. moonstorm86 Says:

    Where do you access the example files for the component libraries?

    Are the hotkeys all new? Ctrl-R used to validate code, Ctrl-U would upload, Ctrl-Shift-M would open a Serial Monitor. I tried these commands and they don’t seem to be working as expected (I don’t have a board plugged into any ports right now which didn’t used to be an issue, but I thought maybe that’s why); or are they?

    If they are all new, would it be possible for you guys to publish an updated list of hotkeys?

    Alternatively, you are welcome to forward them over to me and I can build a document if ya want.

    Also, on the sketch tabs just above the text editor, what’s the little red ‘x’ icon that’s awkwardly placed under the logo, next to the sketch title?

    Stoked about the new IDE; lookin sexy for the most part! Thanks!

  32. 13en Says:

    It’s a beautiful IDE and i love the features but it’s unusable as is because i can’t download boards or libraries it’s just blank…

  33. aysfail Says:

    On a laptop with windows 7 and arduino leonardo works, on a computer with windows 8.1 does not work.

  34. Steamsweet Says:

    is this just for *64 bit system

  35. RobDeVoer Says:

    Great work! I like the look and flow of the IDE. Cannot wait to explore how well it works when coding and interacting with the boards. Keep up the innovation.

  36. mmn Says:

    Arduino Pro IDE (alpha preview) wo kann ich es auf Deutsch (de) umstellen ?

  37. FarmerTony Says:

    Could someone please help out an old man with a poor memory…. How do I install this after extracting it??? I “thought” I knew how but either I’ve forgotten or I’m missing something.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. FarmerTony Says:

    Edit: I should have mentioned I’m using Linux.

  39. Pulsetronics Says:

    @Massimo, the Arduino pro IDE third-party plugins feature would make competitors like us partner with the Arduino, please release more details on attaching a plugin into the Arduino IDE

  40. alezbarra Says:

    @FarmerTony you don’t need to install, simply launch it in a shell with command: {dir of Arduino pro ide}/arduino-electron

  41. r4knarok Says:

    Contantly is loading the old project…and if i try to remove from the file explorer (the IDE eliminate the original files, If I had not made a backup copy, I would be regret it right now)….How can i stop to open the last project?….and let me create a single workspace withouth loadin the last project?….the intellisense is great idea, over all great update for the IDE.

  42. mhmking Says:

    Will there be full support for (stm32f1) or / and (stm32f4) programming on the beautiful Arduino method

  43. sibin_lal Says:

    been waiting for this for so long .

  44. michaelwardsystems Says:

    What the world needs is a GUI compiler for embedded devices. Similar to the way node-red breaks complicated tasks into simple blocks, or similar to the way PLC programming uses function blocks.
    This would be useful for beginners and also for semi-technical businessmen that want to understand what their talented engineers have created. It would greatly aid the reusability of libraries, allowing amateurs and businesses to build IP in a more transparent manner.
    Arduino changed the world of embedded programming and my wish is for them to do the same again by moving in the opposite direction of VS-Code, making collaboration and user engagement even easier and more visual.

  45. cirobruno Says:

    Good Morning, sirs.

    First of all, I’d like to congratulate the Developers’ Team for this great step on Arduino’s evolution.

    I guess this might be the right time for suggesting an enhancement to Pro IDE platform. It would be a Processor’s internal EEPROM editor tab.

    Why not including a tab for direct editing the EEPROM content? I think about something like a table with 16 or 32 columns, showing EEPROM data in ASCII or HEX format, by user’s choice. The user should be able to edit and burn its content toward the device’s EEPROM.

    So far, I’ve been writing sketches exclusively for placing data in EEPROM. They’re written in parallel to its respective main sketch (the runtime one). When programming, every time the main sketch requires any change in EEPROM content, I must switch to the EEPROM targeted program and upload it into the device. Then, I switch back to the main program to continue programming.

    Thank you for listening.
    Ciro Bruno from Brazil.

  46. john348 Says:

    Tried using a few times now uint… is not found. Trie stdint and cstdint but nothing worked.

  47. john348 Says:

    Should have said using esp32.

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