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Robo-snake slithers across the ground under Arduino control

Arduino TeamSeptember 13th, 2019

What has a dozen servos, a WiFi camera, and an Arduino Mega for a brain? Nevon Projects’ snake-bot, of course! 

This impressive robot uses a total of 12 servos for locomotion and can travel across a variety of surfaces under the control of Android app, or autonomously via a sensor mounted to a smaller servo on the head.

The snake’s electronics are split up between a head section that houses batteries and the sensor, and a tail bearing electronics including the Arduino. 

The project is available as a kit, or could certainly provide inspiration for your own project if you want to start from scratch. Check it out oscillating across the ground on tiny rollers in the video below, along with a surprising transformation into a square shape at just before the 1:45 mark.


2 Responses to “Robo-snake slithers across the ground under Arduino control”

  1. tamannahbajaj Says:

    Wow, Very Great

  2. injun1234 Says:

    Could you give me arduino open source code? please

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