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Star Trek TOS sickbay display on a breadboard

Arduino TeamJuly 8th, 2019

The future envisioned in the original Star Trek included, among other things, a shipboard sickbay with electronic monitors strangely reminiscent of the machines that medical personnel use today. To recreate a functional mini-replica of these displays, YouTuber Xtronical turned to a 2.8” TFT screen, a breadboard, and an Arduino Nano—noting that an Uno would also work.

The LCD display nails the look of Dr. McCoy’s device, and heartbeat sound can be played along with an onscreen flashing “PULSE” circle. A MAX30100 pulse/oximeter sensor and a temperature sensor take body readings, while a second DS18B20 is implemented to read ambient conditions for increased accuracy. 

It’s a fun Trekkie project, and Xtronical plans to elaborate on how it was made in future videos. 

A build of a working original Star Trek display with real sampled heart beat sound. Uses various sensors to get the readings from your body (via just your fingers) and displays them in the style of the 60’s sick bay screen. This bare “Bones” system could be built into a model unit or even a replica Tricorder.


2 Responses to “Star Trek TOS sickbay display on a breadboard”

  1. n2aie Says:

    Waiting for the code.

  2. John_Ryan_2017 Says:

    Your one fit specimen! 😉

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