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Relativty is a low-cost VR headset you can build yourself

Arduino TeamFebruary 20th, 2019

While you’ve been hearing about virtual reality for the last 20 years or so, today the hardware required to build such a rig is finally to the point where it’s within the reach of consumers. As seen here, Relativty is a SteamVR-compatible headset that can be made for around $100.

Relativty uses a 3D-printed frame to house its 2560 x 1440 LCD screen, along with a pair of 80mm Fresnel lenses to properly focus the image. Control is accomplished via an Arduino Due and an MPU-6050 accelerometer, which feeds head-tracking info to an external gaming system. 

At this point, the device is clean though fairly basic, and will hopefully be the start of a truly excellent open source project as features are added.


4 Responses to “Relativty is a low-cost VR headset you can build yourself”

  1. Amrguaz Says:

    I love Open-Source projects made for M$.
    Fucking stupid !

  2. DylanW Says:

    Hi, i was wondering if there was some kind of VR remote that could be paired with the headset or computer.

  3. himanshu_kumar Says:

    it is really fantastic and i’m inspired by the project………………

  4. joaoromeu Says:

    Does it emulate a oculus rift or it only works with specific games?

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