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A university research project for Arduino community members by a community member

Arduino TeamJanuary 24th, 2019

Back in December, we received an email from a university student named Lucrezia Alfonsi regarding her dissertation research. Lucrezia’s goal is to to understand what motivates our community to use Arduino, share knowledge, and produce open source innovations. Not only would we love to help Lucrezia, we always like hearing about our users’ involvement with open hardware and software.

The survey, which can be found here, will be up until February 20th and the results will be posted later on our blog. By answering Lucrezia’s report, we hope to provide our community with rich insights into the experiences and inspirations of our users.

Hi, I’m Lucrezia Alfonsi, a Bocconi University MSc student. Right now, I’m writing my MSc thesis and I would like to ask your help completing the survey I have prepared for last research steps – it takes only 10 minutes, the data are anonymously tracked and the results will be elaborated only for academic purposes.

“I strongly believe in ‘doing well, by doing good’ and I immediately associate this with the motivation that moves Arduino Community members to improve and innovate everyday”; this is what I think, how I started my email to Arduino, and why I decided to focus my thesis on individual attitudes and motivational factors that lead open-source software and hardware communities, like Arduino Community. This is my genuine interest in the new and the right moment to challenge it.

Here, you can find the direct link to the questionnaire I built appropriately; I think this research can give something interesting back. Feel free to take a look and decide if you would like to bring your precious contribution.