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Customize your coffee cups with the Mug-O-Matic!

Arduino TeamNovember 25th, 2018

In order to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, Michael Graham (AKA EngineerDog) has come up with a robot that automatically draws on coffee mugs with a marker—and potentially much more. 

In its nominal configuration, the Mug-O-Matic is controlled by an Arduino Nano with a custom TinyCNC board, and uses a trio of small servo motors for cup plotting.

Additionally, the device can be reconfigured into a wide variety of robotic forms, and features 60+ compatible parts with which to do so. 

Mug-O-Matic is a 3-axis drawing robot that can customize coffee mugs! This capable little robot can draw anything you want via manual control, Bluetooth, calculated algorithms, or even G-code. So you can enjoy your custom mug creation, then wipe it clean. You could make it totally different every day for a year, and not make the same thing twice!

Its little buddy, the Desktop Sentry, is a pan-tilt turret that guards your desk! Also controlled via joystick, Bluetooth, algorithms, or G-code, this device can automatically guard your space with a laser or a rubber band launcher, or be used for light writing.

The intent of this project is to produce fun and accessible educational tools. We want to encourage people to engage in tinkering and making things, because the creative process is a powerful way to learn.

If you’d like to get to work on your own Mug-O-Matic, more info can be found here, including a parts list for the build. It is also slated for a release on Crowd Supply, which will likely make things easier and less expensive if you’re willing to wait!