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Star Wars mouse droid reveals hidden scrolling LED display

Arduino TeamSeptember 24th, 2018

In several iterations of the Star Wars saga, small black droids can be seen scurrying around imperial installations. While they tend to fade into the background or provide a fun distraction in the movies, the mouse droid by Potent Printables acts as a sort of physical messaging app. It’s able to travel to the correct location, then pop open to unveil a scrolling LED sign.

Potent Printables can trigger the side door using a Bluetooth app on his phone. On command, an RC servo pushes it open, and lowers it down using a stepper motor/reel setup. An Arduino Uno along with an Adafruit Motor Shield are used for control, while an HC-05 module enables communication with the system.  

Check out the latest video in this build series below!


3 Responses to “Star Wars mouse droid reveals hidden scrolling LED display”

  1. potentprintables Says:

    Great article and thanks for the mention!

  2. Girish-Vasharambhai-Bagadia Says:

    Amazing! This looks interesting.

  3. Creeperaaron64 Says:

    I am a fan of sat wars so this would be fun!

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