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A DIY stroboscope is a bright idea!

Arduino TeamSeptember 18th, 2018

Stroboscopes produce carefully timed pulses of light in order to make a rotating object appear still. While this may seem like something of an exotic concept, YouTuber Mr. Innovative decided to build his own using an Arduino Nano.

His project uses a PN2222A transistor to drive a 10W LED, which acts as the device’s light source. The spinning RPM is set via a potentiometer, and a small OLED provides user feedback.

As shown in the video below, the stroboscope is able to cause a sign spinning around on a fan to appear nearly stationary. If you’d like to create you own, Arduino code is available here.


6 Responses to “A DIY stroboscope is a bright idea!”

  1. sdpgo12 Says:

    How do I get the schematic?

  2. Ballscrewbob Says:

    Schematic without the advert links and maybe one that works would be great.
    Some of your YT links are a bit off.

  3. meFrans Says:

    Collector and emitter are switched in the schematic presented in the video.

  4. ashok Says:

    kindly give me the schematic of this valuable project. thank you

  5. ashok Says:

    error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant

    1141,,j ,

  6. ashok Says:

    iam getting the following error message while compiling”
    error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant
    1141,,j ,e kindly give the solution thank you

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