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Steampunk anglerfish is a mechanical marvel

Arduino TeamSeptember 17th, 2018

Underneath the sea are a wide variety of strange and amazing animals. Perhaps none more so than the anglerfish, with its characteristic light-up lure in front of its face. Club Asimov decided to recreate this fish in a steampunk style, using a linkage system to actuate the tail, and another to open and shut its menacing mouth.

Three stepper motors provide power for the fish’s movements, and two Arduino boards are used for control. Additionally, the fish’s lure illuminate to attract human observers, along with a heart that rhythmically lights up.

Inspired by the steampunk universe and the anglerfish, the fish appearing in the movie Nemo, we present to you our newest invention” “Le Poisson des Catacombes!”

The 1-meter-long mechanical beast is made with metallic pieces recovered from an old dishwasher. It reacts from movements around it giving the impression that it can interact with its surrounding.

To make the fish, we used:

2 Arduinos
2 HC-SR04 ultrasonic
3 Nema 17 stepper motors
3 TB6560 stepper motor drivers
5 red LEDs with 5 100 ohm resistors
1 old PC power supply

You can see this mechanical marvel in action in the first video below, while the second provides background on how it was made.


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