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Make your own soda fountain out of cardboard

Arduino TeamAugust 16th, 2018

If you’re ever wanted to make something awesome, but thought that you just didn’t have the right tools to do so, this soda fountain by “The Wrench” could provide the needed inspiration. 

The project uses an Arduino Nano to control a small air pump via a relay, which turns on when a glass is the correct dispensing position. This pushes air into a sealed soda bottle, and soda is pushed out of another tube to equalize the pressure.

It’s a certainly a neat trick. Given its frame made out of cardboard stuck together with hot glue, the raw materials are very easy to obtain and dispose of when needed. The build process is explained in the video below, while the circuit diagram and Arduino code can be found here.


3 Responses to “Make your own soda fountain out of cardboard”

  1. shivam1248 Says:

    that;s great.

  2. hermannemil Says:

    This looks very cool. In the video it says that there is a description of the air pump in the link below. However, in the circuit diagram i cannot find any information about the airpump, only about the relais and the proximity sensor. Can you add information about which air pump you used?

  3. GPayne Says:

    It’s a very nice project. The pump is the filled rectangle with the line coming out the left side at the top of the circuit diagram. Sort of looks like a motor. For Arduino board protection, I would suggest a diode across the coil side(low voltage activation current) side of the relay to prevent fly-back surges.

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