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These high school students built their own vending machine

Arduino TeamJune 7th, 2018

If you’re a high school student and would appreciate a vending machine in class, what’s to be done? Most of the time the answer is “not much,” but Tustin High T-Tech students were able to get one—by building it themselves!

In fact, this excellent device functioned both as a class project and as a fundraiser for their engineering program. It can be seen working in the video below, and uses an Arduino Mega for control, along with motor drivers and steppers to actuate six snack pusher coils. 

Customers simply insert a dollar into the bill acceptor, punch in the correct number in the keypad, and snacks drop out. Arduino code is published here, and Solidworks design files are also available for your DIY vending edification.


4 Responses to “These high school students built their own vending machine”

  1. ellisgl Says:

    That high school has one heck of a 5 o’clock shadow!

  2. AppSierra Says:

    Superb!! they are doing good job.

  3. B_O_T Says:

    Nice job Tustin High!!! This is an excellent project. Thinking outside the box is a good skill to have! Keep up the good work! 😀

  4. arduinoIsAwesome Says:

    Given that there are only 4 responses to this project, I don’t think “making” or “makers” is/are very popular.
    But this is an incredible project, and I could only hope to actually succeed in building one!

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