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Fall asleep with the help of LEDs and an Arduino

Arduino TeamJanuary 29th, 2018

While some fall asleep nearly immediately with no assistance, others need the drone of a fan or a dedicated noisemaker to help them relax. The Fall Asleep Device, also known as “FADing,” by Youz takes a different approach. FADing shines an LED onto the ceiling out via a piece of acrylic, so that you can use it whether you like to sleep on your back or side.

An Arduino Nano controls the nicely-shaped wooden unit, and causes light to fade in and out at a pace that decreases from 11 to 6 pulses per minute, prompting you to regulate and relax your breathing accordingly.

After being started by a button below, FADing is kept on by a relay until it finishes, meaning it uses no power in standby. You can check it out in the video below, and find build instructions and code in Youz’s write-up.


2 Responses to “Fall asleep with the help of LEDs and an Arduino”

  1. mattlogue Says:

    Interesting. I like wood and hate insomnia. Red and yellow hues are better than blue as they do not stimulate the superchisamic nucleus and promote wakefullnes.

  2. AlistairSteele Says:

    Will this project work with an Arduino Uno?

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