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Read the time and play games on this Arduino-based word clock

Arduino TeamDecember 4th, 2017

If you’ve been interested in creating a word clock for your home, then perhaps this neat build by “oliverb” will be the perfect place to start.

The clock, powered by an Arduino Nano along with a RTC module, is capable of displaying the time by spelling it out as you expect, or can use the letters as a matrix in order to show the time in digital format. These letter-dots can even be configured to form an “analog” clock if you prefer.

But that’s not all. The device can reveal the temperature and humidity, as well as play games like Tetris. Be sure to see it in action below!


2 Responses to “Read the time and play games on this Arduino-based word clock”

  1. mister-russ Says:

    Nice project. How are the games interfaced to the users? Also when is it a quarter to seven in the afternoon? 🙂

  2. oliverb Says:

    Hi Mister-russ. Yep, you are correct the time should say evening not afternoon. The actual clock is correct but the hand drawn animation was wrong. Unfortunately 18 of the 19 frames were wrong so I have had to re-draw them all! Should be correct now. 🙂

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