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Check the time on this large and inexpensive “Titan Clock”

Arduino TeamAugust 25th, 2017

When you, perhaps after being late for an important event one too many times, decide to build a wall clock, there are many DIY options from which to choose. But none may be as massive or unique as the aptly named “Titan Clock.”

To justify this particular design, hacker “ProtheanSoft” lists several of its advantages, such as its large size, energy efficiency (runs on a smartphone charger), thinness (only 18mm thick with casing), and of course, affordability.

The Titan Clock—which can be assembled for less than $50—consists of RGB LEDs, inexpensive craft materials like foamcore board, acrylic and aluminum sheets, as well as recycled components including the diffuser from a broken LCD monitor or TV to generate a uniform glow for each segment. 

The project uses an Arduino Nano for control, along with with a DS3231 RTC module for accurate timekeeping. In this version, the Arduino is programmed to display the time and change color every hour based on a predetermined table.

Interested in creating your own? You can find more details on the build here, as well its code and a wiring diagram on GitHub.


3 Responses to “Check the time on this large and inexpensive “Titan Clock””

  1. 1239904 Says:

    it’s cool

  2. amy9238 Says:

    oh wow that is awesome

  3. Falke1166 Says:

    nice work i do almost same but will not run im New whit arduino can someone help to fix it
    i do have 7 segments with 8 leds on and 4 numbers like the original plus the blinking also 8 leds on.
    sorry for my bad english

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