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Unlock your garage door with a fingerprint

Arduino TeamApril 26th, 2017

Using an Arduino Micro for control, French teenager “Joebarteam” came up with a way to biometrically secure his garage.

If you need to get into your locked garage, what could be better than using your fingerprint? To this end, Joe’ came up with a system that unlocks his door using a fingerprint scanner, and a bistable relay to disable communication between the scanner and the Arduino if there’s a problem.

It’s a really professional-looking build, and the locking mechanism is especially interesting. Two rack-and-pinion devices plunge shafts into the ground, making the door impossible to open (it has to pull out before going up). If there is an issue with the system, the pins can be physically unlocked and disabled as needed.

You can find more details on the project’s Instructables page here.


5 Responses to “Unlock your garage door with a fingerprint”

  1. iryn0050 Says:

    Nice 😉

  2. nour Says:


  3. Wandarar Says:

    Really dumb question but is your aduino now in the box forever?
    Does this mean you use one arduino for each of your projects?

  4. pikach1 Says:

    This fingerprint garage door peroject.
    If you want to park you car in the garage how are you suppose to come in.You have to come of your car just to enter you still have to go into your car again.

  5. joebarteam11 Says:

    I also had to come of my car to use the key on the previous lock 😉

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