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An Arduino Final Countdown Timer

Arduino TeamApril 19th, 2017

While playing a game called, Nathan Ramanathan was asked by his father to turn on a wet grinder for “exactly 45 minutes.” As explained, this device uses stones to grind rice into dough, producing material for delicious-looking Dosa cakes.

Deliciousness aside, Ramanathan would rather have the grinder stop automatically than wait around for it, and came up with his own Arduino Uno-based outlet timer controlled via smartphone over Bluetooth. As a bonus, it plays “The Final Countdown” by Europe when only a few seconds remain. 

His write-up includes some discussion about multitasking and the perils of using the delay() function, so be sure to check that out if you’d like more information. Also, when dealing with outlet/mains power, use extreme caution and get help from someone qualified if needed.


3 Responses to “An Arduino Final Countdown Timer”

  1. bizimungu jonathan Says:

    this is amazing

  2. DavidR Says:

    Very useful invention. Every outlet in this world one day will be bluetooth enabled and Nathan Ramanathan you just opened a great arena into this electrical fitting. We love the step by step instructions, tips, tools and code. Awesome instructions that anyone can learn…thanKS for your time , passion and great attitude to share this ..
    one of the best really useful item ..

    Amazing product. Comprehensive instructions. ..great videos. ..explanations. .Well done my friend. ..

    Keep sharing your great work.

  3. nathan_ramanathan Says:

    Oh, why thank you DavidR! 🙂

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