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Pablo Odysseus is an autonomus bot that rakes art in the sand

Arduino TeamApril 18th, 2017

For this year’s Hackaday Prize, hacker “Ulysse” has designed an autonomous beach art rover using an Arduino Mega and a pair of Micros.

While walking along the shore, the footprints you leave behind are mildly interesting, and perhaps you might go to the effort of scraping a pattern in the sand if you were feeling rather creative. If, however, you wanted to make drawings on a massive scale, Ulysse’s robot “Pablo Odysseus” looks like an elegant solution.

The Arduino-powered rover uses two wheelchair motors to propel it along the beach, as well as a rake to leave a mark as to where it’s been. Navigation is provided by a GNSS receiver (a more general term for “GPS”), a digital compass, and an odometer set up on each of the motors. Meanwhile, USB dongles enable it to communicate wirelessly with a smartphone and laptop.

Now, Ulysse can simply program in an artistic pattern, and Pablo will take care of the rest! You can see more about this project on and GitHub.



5 Responses to “Pablo Odysseus is an autonomus bot that rakes art in the sand”

  1. peklo Says:

    Great raker…, but calling it an artist?

  2. Ulysse Says:

    Thank you for the article. Pablo is steel under construction. It will be able to draw portraits. Be patient with artists 🙂

  3. Jchris460 Says:


  4. BnTie Says:

    This is awesome! I love it. What generates the paths? remote control? (:

  5. Ulysse Says:

    Pablo is an autonomous robot, paths are generated at home from DXF file to GPS coordinates. Of course Pablo could be drive by smartphone to go from parking to the beach

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