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Arduino car alarm honks for help!

Arduino TeamJanuary 6th, 2017

Sure, if you’re going to get a new ride, a model from the twenty-teens would be nice, but for hacking purposes, the simplicity of an older cars makes modification fairly simple. It also makes hot-wiring easy, and as they don’t generally have an alarm system, these vehicles are often targets for theft.

After his friend’s VW Beetle was stolen, Instructables user Ben Schroeder (aka “Pantopush”) decided that he needed to protect his 1966 Bug. So, as any Maker would do, he took matters into his own hands with a GPS-enabled Arduino Uno in a locked glove compartment.

Now, unless the unit is turned off, if it detects that the car is moving, it uses a relay to switch the horn on. Simple, effective (hopefully), and could be expanded to flash the lights or even text the owner with the location of the car.

Need a low-cost anti-theft system of your own? You can find the full writeup on Schroeder’s project page.