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This Arduino machine will judge how sick your ollies are

Arduino TeamNovember 29th, 2016

In skateboarding, the ollie is a fundamental trick used to leap onto, over or off obstacles, or over gaps of unfriendly terrain such as grass or stairs. But how do you know just how sick your ollie actually was? Josh Sheldon has a solution.

The Maker has built a device that judges the sickness of your ollie and visualizes your score, rewarding the best ones with the chiming of a cowbell. Sheldon describes the project as something “like one of those hammer games at carnivals, but instead of trying to hit that thing with a hammer as hard as you can, the goal is to land the sickest ollie.”

The aptly named Sick Ollie Machine consists of two parts: a stand with LEDs and the skateboard itself. Underneath the board is an Arduino Uno, a 9V battery, and an accelerometer. The stand is equipped with another Arduino, a relay, and an RGB LED strip that goes up mast, as well as a solenoid on top. When the relay closes, the solenoid hits the bell. Both units also contain a wireless transmitter, allowing them to communicate with one another.

Watch Sheldon discuss his project in more detail below!