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A wakeup light for kids

Arduino TeamNovember 17th, 2016

In order to convince his kids to stay in bed just a little longer, Maker Ralph Crutzen has created a “wakeup light” using an Arduino Mega and an RGB LED strip.

Those of us that have toddlers know that they can wake up very early. If you’d like to get some more sleep without leaving them unsupervised to dangerously play with your electronics and power tools, then a “wakeup light” could be a good solution.

Crutzen’s system uses an Arduino Mega with a real-time clock to control a strip of LEDs, along with an LCD display to change settings. Besides a reminder to kids to “please stay in bed a few minutes longer,” perhaps a similar setup could be used as alternative alarm clock for adults as well.

You can find instructions for this build on Instructables, or check out the project’s code on GitHub. Finally, if you’d like to print an enclosure to protect humans and electronics, Crutzen used this design.