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Improve your programming skills with an oscilloscope

Arduino TeamOctober 31st, 2016

Starting a new project is always a fun yet effective way to hone your skills while exploring circuitry and programming. To help improve his engineering chops, Joop Brokking recently bought an inexpensive oscilloscope (a device for visualizing voltage over time in an x-y graph) and connected it to an Arduino Uno. He then shared his findings in a detailed tutorial on YouTube.

In the video below, Brokking is using a Hantek 6022BE 20MHz dual-channel oscilloscope and provides three examples to better understand what can go wrong when building a simple Arduino setup.


4 Responses to “Improve your programming skills with an oscilloscope”

  1. chiherka Says:

    Great video 🙂

  2. michaelhaws Says:

    Very well done and very informative!!!!

  3. velazquezb_jorge Says:

    Good video but this oscilloscope has 48% of Amazon’s customers review marked with 3 stars or less

  4. napo7 Says:

    Yes, this scope has very bad reviews, because the software is a bit crap… You can find replacement software, since there is a SDK, and the open source software is wayyyyy better (search for OpenHantek if I remember…). There is also API for linux !

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