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This Arduino G meter shows how fast your car really is!

Arduino TeamOctober 11th, 2016

Using an Arduino with an accelerometer, this handy display lets you know how “extreme” your driving really is!

Modern cars tell us all kinds of information about how our vehicles are working and how you are driving. One thing that is generally missing is a display that tells you how many “G’s” (or how much you are pushed back into your seat) your car is pulling. With this clever setup, you can know how much force your tires are putting to the ground (neglecting body-roll factors) in both straight-line acceleration, braking, and even side-to-side turning.

As an automotive enthusiast and a mechanical engineer, I had a poor physical understanding of G’s. Sure, I’m experiencing 1g as I’m standing upright, but how many G’s did I experience as I came to a quick stop in LA traffic? To gain a better physical understanding of G’s, I built this device.

You can see more details of this simple yet very useful build on eadiec’s Imgur page.


3 Responses to “This Arduino G meter shows how fast your car really is!”

  1. sfilinto Says:

    Could you please post the code ?

  2. PedroVazquezCasta Says:

    You have to install a program to see this project, is this a disguised commercial ad?

  3. sfilinto Says:

    what program ? no this is not an ad.
    I have put together a GPS logger and hooked it to an accelerometer too. it works as expected, but not sure how to pull the G indicator. would be great if you can share your code.

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