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Throwback: Machine pours a drink every time the U.S. wins a medal

Arduino TeamAugust 11th, 2016

What do you get when you combine the Olympics, alcohol, and Arduino? An awesome machine that automatically pours a shot whenever your country wins a medal. Although a throwback, we can’t see why this project can’t be replicated for Rio!

It all began four years ago when a bunch of Makers were given early access to the SmartThings platform. To coincide with the London 2012 Summer Games, Andrew Urman developed a device that would celebrate a U.S. victory by dispensing one of three differently colored drinks–Goldschläger for gold, Jose Cuervo for silver, and Jack Daniels for bronze–while waving the American flag, turning on a strobe light, and playing the national anthem.

An Arduino is connected to a SparkFun XBee shield and the ZigBee network links it to SmartThings online. The Arduino controls the servos responsible for releasing the liquid into the glass, and the relays that switch the power strip on/off for the party effects. Of course, you can always just pour a drink manually by selecting the appropriate medal on the accompanying SmartThings Medal app.

With the 2016 Games now underway, check out the entire build below to help get you started on a machine of your own!


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