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Build a simple VU meter with an Arduino Uno and LEDs

Arduino TeamAugust 12th, 2016

If you’ve been looking for a simple audio Arduino project, you may want to check out this VU meter from YouTuber RZtronix. The Maker built the device using an Uno along with some LEDs, a couple wires, a breadboard, a sound sensor, and a 5V power supply.


5 Responses to “Build a simple VU meter with an Arduino Uno and LEDs”

  1. Zahran_Sajid Says:

    Quite nice, simple, but what are the real world uses?

  2. edwinsegovia Says:

    Me gusta este proyecto…

  3. Nithinstark007 Says:

    where can i get the coding

  4. poseidonstephensai Says:

    awesome light it up for library coading

  5. MicroControllerFan Says:

    My only problem seems to be they all on or all off. And that is after much tinkering with the sensitivity settings.

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