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Build a pan and tilt camera with Raspberry Pi + Arduino

Arduino TeamAugust 3rd, 2016

Although there are plenty of DIY surveillance cameras already out there, MakeUseOf has taken it to the next level with the ability to remotely control its view. This DIY pan and tilt camera uses a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Uno, a pair of servos, and a USB webcam.

The Pi streams video to a webpage and adds a few buttons to move the camera. Due to the lack of the hardware PWM pins, the servos are controlled by the Arduino that is connected to the Pi. Meanwhile, a Python server handles the web interface and commands.

Sound interesting? Be sure to check out the entire build on MakeUseOf’s page here.


2 Responses to “Build a pan and tilt camera with Raspberry Pi + Arduino”

  1. rikofranko Says:

    Wouldn’t this be too strenuous for the Y-axis SG90 servo? The last time I tried on an SG90 with roughly this weight, the motor got destroyed.

  2. Isaac96 Says:

    What it needs is the camera to be closer to the pivot. SG90s will break or the gears will slip.

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