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Let’s celebrate Arduino Day and Genuino Day!

Zoe RomanoApril 2nd, 2016

Arduino and its community is celebrating its birthday with a day of official and self-organised gatherings, encouraging people to meet and share their interest in open source DIY electronics with local friends and collaborators. More than 320 groups are creating events right now worldwide! Join the event and find the event near you on

Massimo Banzi, Tom Igoe and David Mellis are in Berkeley to celebrate Arduino Day and Genuino Day. Here’s their message to all the community of organizers, participants and all Arduino fans!

To make this event a truly connected experience share your Arduino moments on social networks and especially on Instagram using the hashtags: #ArduinoD16 #GenuinoD16


Here’s the schedule for the event in Berkeley:

– 11 am – 6 pm: exhibition of Arduino projects
– 12 pm – 4 pm : hands-on activities
– 3 pm -5.30 pm : Arduino co-founders presentations

  • David Mellis  “Makers and machine learning: a system for analysis of real-time sensor data”
  • Tom Igoe “Electronics for the Humanities”
  • Massimo Banzi “IoT and the connected objects”

One Response to “Let’s celebrate Arduino Day and Genuino Day!”

  1. Quantum_Star Says:

    I had a great time listening to these speakers, thank you all for coming to Arduino Day in Berkeley 🙂

    David’s talk was educational for me, since I don’t know much about machine learning, thank you for the demonstration!

    I found Tom’s talk to be really inspirational, as he talked about the idea of programming being used as a tool to accomplish things in all fields, as opposed to being an end goal itself. I think too many people pursuing tech are in it because it’s ‘the future’, as opposed to seeing it as a means to accomplish other things, like design, or other fields.

    Massimo talking about the ‘smart toilet’ was hilarious, and his thoughts on privacy, and the ‘consumer is the product’ were very interesting. I think sometimes that the last true form of democracy is this sort of tracking of people, although we need to be aware of who is doing the tracking and how it’s used. I thought his candor and honesty were brilliant, and I’m so grateful that he traveled all the way to California to give his talk.

    Thanks to all of you 🙂

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