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Farmbot and why documentation’s vital to open source projects

Zoe RomanoDecember 16th, 2015

Farmbot is the first open source cnc farming machine with the aim to create an open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food and to grow food for everyone. It runs on open source hardware like Arduino Mega 2560 and  involves a community of contributors on the wiki and forum where you can find documentation, schematics, assembly guides, troubleshooting tips and many more on all currently supported and old FarmBots.

Documentation has been a key element of the project since the beginning and Farmbot founder, Rory Aronson at the 2015 Hackaday SuperConference, gave a talk about why great documentation is the key to building a community of hackers who continue to build upon open source technologies:


4 Responses to “Farmbot and why documentation’s vital to open source projects”

  1. swatisethi Says:

    Great work done sir,even i am also trying such sort of project where i can use my arduino mega 2560 or uno with GSM shield to make documentation of real time monitoring of my equipment.the problem which i m facing is that….when i connect my gsm shield with the sim to any of the arduino boards then no inbuilt gsm program is giving output.

  2. alexjosesilva Says:

    Um projeto promissor para grandes problemas….

  3. thecncrouter Says:

    Hello, Zoe Romano
    I like your project, this is the future that will make all the processes in the agrarian Buisness. Good job!

  4. Zoe Romano Says:

    Hi thecncrouter, the project is by Rory Aronson I wrote about it in this blog :)!

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