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Genuino Uno now available for online purchase!

Zoe RomanoOctober 22nd, 2015


We are happy to announce that Genuino Uno is now available for purchase on the Arduino Store (20 euro + tax).

In the last months we’ve been re-organizing manufacturing and starting today we are ready to provide the community with a series of Genuino boards.


Genuino and Arduino boards share the same components, characteristics and quality of manufacturing. They are actually the same boards under a different brand:


Thanks for your patience and stay tuned because in the next days we are going to release more Genuino boards!

One Response to “Genuino Uno now available for online purchase!”

  1. Osqui Says:

    2 questions:
    -When will Genuino Yún, Genuino Due, Genuino Zero, Genuino Nano, Genuino Pro, Genuino Lilypads be available?
    -It seems (from official photos) that Genuino UNO has assembled Atmega16U2 ICSP pins but Arduino UNO hasn’t. It’s true?

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