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Maker Faire Rome: Call for makers extended until June 15th!

Zoe RomanoJune 1st, 2015


Yes, we made it! You have some more days to complete your application for Maker Faire Rome – The European edition, and be with us next October. So far, we received many interesting, challenging, surprising projects and we don’t want to miss yours: defeat the procrastinator hiding in you and submit you project now!

Projects will be selected by a jury and will participate free of charge. If your project is accepted:

  • you can exhibit your project: we’ll give you for free a booth with table and chairs inside the halls, which will be filled with visitors who are curious and interested in meeting you
  • you can make a presentation in public: we’ll give you for free a room or a stage where you can talk about your project or tell your story or deal with the issues that you want to propose
  • you can hold a workshop: we’ll give you for free a workshop area where you can do interactive demonstrations and engage participants -adults and / or children- in practical activities
  • you can perform in public: we’ll give you for free a space or a stage  to perform in your creative, technological, robotic, musical, pyrotechnic performance.