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Arduino IDE 1.6 is released! Download it now

cmaglieFebruary 9th, 2015


After almost two years “in the making” we’re thrilled to announce the availability of the Arduino IDE 1.6.0. The latest version of the development environment used by millions of people across the globe brings about a lot of improvements.

Since the day we started developing the first 1.5 version we have received a lot of feedback, suggestions and contributions from our vibrant community and we would like to thank you all for your passion and good will: thank you everyone, you rock! 🙂

We are glad to say that 1.6.0 includes a lot of new features. Here is a not so brief list of them:

  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Boards are detected and listed on “ports list” menu together with the serial port
  • Drivers and IDE are now signed for Windows and MacOSX
  • Improved speed of build process
  • Autosave when compiling/uploading sketch
  • A lot of improvements of the serial monitor (faster, backed by modern JSSC serial library instead of old RXTX)
  • Find/replace over multiple tabs
  • Improved lots of Arduino API libraries (String, Serial, Print, etc.)
  • Tools & toolchains upgrades (avr-gcc, arm-gcc, avrdude, bossac)
  • Command line interface
  • IDE reports both sketch size and static RAM usage
  • Editor shows line numbers
  • Scrollable menus when many entries are listed
  • Upload via network (Yún)
  • HardwareSerial has been improved
  • USB has got some stability and performance improvements
  • SPI library now supports “transactions” for better interoperability when using multiple SPI devices at the same time
  • Better support to 3rd party hardware vendors with configuration files (platform.txt and boards.txt)
  • Submenus with board configuration can now be defined
  • Fix for upload problems on Leonardo, Micro and Yún.
  • Libraries bundled with Arduino have been improved and bugfixed, in particular: Bridge, TFT, Ethernet, Robot_Control, SoftwareSerial, GSM
  • A lot of minor bugs of the user interface have been fixed

There is still lots of room for improvement, of course. Don’t forget to report any issue you find, either on Github or on the Arduino forum: your help is very much appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you are not a tech specialist: every feedback adds value.

We are already working on release 1.6.1, with some very cool features we will announce in the coming weeks.

The IDE is available from the newly redesigned Download page.


18 Responses to “Arduino IDE 1.6 is released! Download it now”

  1. perhof Says:

    Good work! That’s a very nice feature list. Congratulations!

  2. killerwolfie Says:

    This is a great project that has led to so many other great projects. Very happy to see the team working hard to make it even more great. Thank you for all your work.

  3. Jensen567 Says:

    Great!! I can finally stop having to install 2 versions of the IDE so I can develop on both the Uno and the Due.

    Does this mean that we may be seeing the Zero come to fruition soon also?

  4. yhtomit Says:


  5. DebD Says:

    Hey Just wondering if the ‘Getting Started’ Page has been updated to reflect the release of the new IDE. I’ve installed it but I am being told “An error occurred while starting the application”.
    I am really looking forward to using my board!!

  6. glenn_boy13 Says:

    I love the new features. Good job!


  7. youssefaly97 Says:

    I LOVE the “scrollable menus with too many entries” ????????. Thanks everybody, great job !

  8. Grey Says:

    1.6 is still in alpha stage I would guess with all the issues on hand. Back to 1.0.X

  9. albert752 Says:

    Althow there’s an anoying bug that blocks the app while trying to enter the tools menu… it is great continue developing!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

  11. dz3dwf Says:

    Great Job!!! I much like the addition of having the line numbers in the sketch editor – I just wish that when I print the sketch that the line numbers would also be printed. Maybe I just missed some preference that I need to set, but presently I can’t print the line numbers

  12. kolchuga Says:

    No line numbers in 1.6.1. Just installed it, and it is still not like Visual Studio with line numbers. Without them, it makes debugging large codes very tedious. Please Arduino, add line numbers to Arduino IDE.

  13. ftrocchi Says:

    @kolchuga – 1.6.1 has line numbers. Go to File->Preferences. Select “Display Line Numbers”.

  14. ftrocchi Says:

    Why is the Wire library missing from the 1.6.1 distributions?

  15. RevatiP Says:

    Nice work! That is a very nice feature list.

  16. gonglin Says:


  17. PE7GL Says:

    On this running version 1.67 on the Mac and windows 10
    All my libraries are now running well
    I only missing the last update for wiznet w5500 ethernet library
    After each update I need to change the ethernet library to the last wizen version. Please add the w5500 library to ethernet.

  18. stefi01 Says:

    hate it plus it keeps trying to download linux updates, i have windows

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